Kajetan Haas

// Things I've Made...


Wikar // An Augmented Reality App

Soul Chiseler // A video game made in UE4


Harpoon Highway

  • A video game developed in Unreal Engine over two days for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam.
  • A stylish top-down racing game where the only way to steer your car is with a giant harpoon.

Physarum Simulation

  • Physarum slime mold simulation create in Unreal Engine using Niagara.

Stylized Desert

  • A cel shaded desert environment developed in Godot

Hollow Knight Card

  • A virtual trading card created in Blender.

Raymarching Fractals

  • A shader that renders the Mandelbulb Fractal in Unreal Engine
  • Uses Phong shading to render the fractal as a surface.

Vine Generator

  • A system for quickly adding vines to 3D environments in Unreal Engine.
  • The vines conform to the surfaces of 3D objects and spread out randomly.


  • An online multiplayer game developed using Godot Engine.
  • Battle in tanks with up to 8 friends.